Audi of Oakland Testimonials

Ravi A.
San Francisco, CA
Jul 05, 2013
We purchased a car just yesterday from Audi of Oakland and Justin was absolutely delightful and thorough in his work and helped conclude the transaction quickly and easily. He is attentive, thoughtful and very professional. I am very pleased to recommend him.

S S.
Oakland, CA
Jun 26, 2013
I had been looking for a new car for a couple weeks before I visited Oakland Audi.
Justin helped me to find a car I liked without being pushy. They gave me a very fair price right away without a lot of hassle. I had driven the BMW X3, RangeRover Evoque
and I was happiest by far with Audi.
Highly Recomend!!!!!!!!!

Ben F.
San Francisco, CA
Jun 26, 2013
Can't recommend Justin S. highly enough - great buying experience. I would recommend him even if I hadn't bought from Audi of Oakland: he's totally low-pressure and a genuinely good guy. I don't know when I'll need another car (hopefully not for a while), but if I'm ever in the market for an Audi, Justin and Audi of Oakland will be my first stop.

Susan W.
Oakland, CA
Jun 25, 2013
I recently purchased an Audi A4 from Audi of Oakland. Normally I dread going to car dealerships because i dislike the hard sell techniques and the sometimes condescending attitudes of sales personnel. However, the experience at Audi of Oakland was just the opposite. The sales representative (Justin) was friendly, respectful and extremely knowledgeable about all of the Audi models. Thanks to him, my decision this time was an easy one. So if you are considering purchasing an Audi, go to Audi of Oakland and ask for Justin!

Tanya D.
Millbrae, CA
Jun 24, 2013
After visiting other Audi dealerships in the bay area and not being completely satisfied with the customer service they offered, I decided to take a trip to Oakland. I was on the lot and Justin approached me. I told him exactly what I was looking for and he was happy to help. We went on two test drives, but the vehicles I drove that day did not have exactly what I was looking for. I left the dealership and thought I had to continue my search elsewhere.

A few days later Justin emailed about a car. It had exactly what I wanted. After a few emails going back and forth we had made a deal! I was definitely excited and happy that he was so helpful and understanding of what I was looking for. Other places wanted to sell me what they thought I wanted, but Justin actually listened and found a car that was exactly what I was looking for. He was so helpful and still is! It's been a couple months and he continues to check up and see how things are going. He is very personable and not pushy. He was able to take his time and he went above and beyond to find the car I wanted. I appreciate all of his help. If you are looking for a car in the near future, give JUSTIN SOLO a call and you will be happy you did!

Yingkai H.
San Mateo, CA
Jun 23, 2013
It's my BEST car buying experience ever.

I want to mention Justin especially, he is a great sales, comparing others I met in bay area, he is not only trying to sell his cars, which is his job for sure, but also trying his best to offer help, helping you to find your desired car, work with your budget, instead of selling you all kinds of options you don't want. I was talking with a long distance dealership at meantime, their price was pretty aggressive, no one can beat their price in North CA. I was afraid they are playing some sort of bait and switch games. Justin helped me to locate and show me the car's detail they're offering, and gave very useful suggestions about what things need to be finalized before go to there picking up car. Eventually, he helped me to match their price and I got my brand new silver metallic 2013 Q5 with all options I wanted.

Zac F.
Stockton, CA
Jun 14, 2013
Best car buying experience I have had yet. Ask for Anthony to be your salesman! Great guy! Works hard to make and KEEP his customers happy!! Still checks in weeks later! Thanks to the whole staff and finance also!

Kristie T.
Oakland, CA
Jun 02, 2013
We upgraded our Audi A3 to the newest model last year. This car is perfect for us and our lifestyle. Just recently, I brought the car in for the 15K service. The transaction for service was very friendly, efficient and timely. Great job, Audi!

Derek S.
Concord, CA
May 31, 2013
Great car buying experience, I was looking to lease a new Audi for a few months and contacted and visited a few other bay area Audi dealers with no hope in sight. Evelyn, was very nice and prompt communicating through e-mail for me and was very confident she could work around my budget and get me a fair price on my trade in. I almost didn't even go to meet with her because of my dealer visits so far, but I did.

I saw the nice white 2013 s4 I was looking for with all the options I wanted. Then went to go over the numbers with Evelyn, after going back and fourth briefly with her and the sales manager we actually got a deal done! Evelyn was very nice, professional, and she really seemed to care about getting me a fair price and working within my budget.
They really made the effort to get my in my beautiful new Audi. I also work in the automotive industry and was pleased to see other good dealers out there! I will for sure be referring people to purchase a Audi here and will be coming back when my lease is up to get something new or keep my current vehicle.

Krystalynn S.
Oakland, CA
May 30, 2013
I had the amazing and pleasant experience at Audi of Oakland! I was able to get into a new vehicle in under an hour and everything was ready and prepped fro me!! From the salesman to the financier, to the big smile of the sales manager, I am so happy with my experience and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to this dealership. I even live in Marin, so I bypassed the dealership here to go back to the Audi of Oakland!! Thanks, I love my new Audi!

Dear Mr. Walsh:

"I just wanted to let you know what fantastic service I received from your sales and service team.

...I want to express my gratitude to RJ, Frank and Karl for being so creative. I also want to thank you for letting your staff think creatively and make decisions that put the customer first. Lastly, I want to let you know that the purchase that made with Jim Higgins and & RJ was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I will recommend your dealership without hestitation to anyone who is interested in buying an Audi/Mazda."

- M. Nelson

...."Erich devoted a full two hours educating me about the vehicles I was concidering for purchase. He is patient, polite, knowledgable about the cars, and communicative. Thank you for fostering such great employees at your dealership! I think Mr. Hummler is a great example of what an Audi salesman should be. I am impressed by his professionalism, and Audi is now at the top of my list to cars."


- Denis Z.

Thank you for excellent Audi Service

I would like to pass along my appreciation for the excellent customer
service I received from your Service Department on Saturday, December
5th. I came into a very difficult situation when my 2001 A4 had
ignition issues and needed to be towed to your shop very early Saturday
As an Air Force pilot at Travis AFB, I am currently tasked with working
night shifts to oversee missions launching from our base. I had been
awake for almost 24hrs at the time I had the vehicle towed and was
worried that I would be without the car going into my night shifts on
Saturday and Sunday. The fact I was exhausted and this happened on a
weekend when most rental companies and shops are closed obviously didn't
help the situation. However, your service advisor Johnny Cheng went
above and beyond what was necessary and worked to have the car repaired
and ready for pickup before I had to return to work Saturday evening.
It is a tremendous relief to not be dealing with rental cars and
shuttling vehicles around during the weekend and my late night work
Johnny met me with a smile and showed no frustration with having to work
a few minutes past closing to have my car returned to me. Thank you!
I wish you and your service team a very happy holiday season and New

Best Regards,

- Jason